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Internationalized Domain Names

Accessing the markets where A to Z are not the primary characters used means having website addresses that those users know and recognize. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are a way to embrace and engage markets in a way that holds more meaning and value.

Moniker Supports IDNs

Moniker was an early innovator and supporter of the technologies and registrations that empower IDN, and we offer robust support for IDN registrations and IDN top-level domains. Moniker currently supports multiple IDN top-level domains and provides registration of internationalized domains at the second level in dozens of ccTLD and gTLD registries that support it.


IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Names. IDN TLDs contain non-ASCII characters, such as umlauts, diacritics (e.g. accent or tilde) or consist entirely of letters that do not belong to the Latin alphabet. This category includes among others strings of Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic scripts.