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Domain Transfer

Take advantage of Moniker’s powerful domain management tools and transfer your existing domains to Moniker. In many cases, each transferred domain gets an additional year of registration. Lock in rates and protect against future increases. Domains can be transferred and renewed for up to 10 years for maximum savings. With Moniker you can transfer up to 1,000 domains at a time, with a simple online interface.

Note: Type in your desired domain names in the following form. Replace ### with your AuthCode. For Example: sdf234.rtz6

Domain Transfer Made Easy

Consolidating your domains makes it easy for you to manage and track your domains – all from a single dashboard. In many cases, each domain you transfer to Moniker is eligible to receive an additional year of registration added to your existing expiration date (Note: some TLDs do not qualify). There is no additional cost for a domain transfer. You only pay the renewal of the registration. Transfer to Moniker for powerful domain registration tools, including the Web’s most versatile bulk domain management.

Tips to streamline transfer in:

  • Unlock your domains and request their EPP codes – this must be done at your current registrar of record (not Moniker).
  • Log into your Moniker account and initiate the transfer – you’ll need to know your EPP codes to get the transfer started.
  • Once the transfer is successfully initiated, check your email for a notification from Moniker requesting your approval. This is an important step, it is ICANN policy that we verify ownership to protect your domains from erroneous or fraudulent transfers, so be sure to check your email box (inlcuding spam and junk mail folders).